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Corporate History

StateFire DC Specialties was founded in 1989. StateFire DC Specialties LLC is a company that consolidates many fire related installs and services that would normally be handled by multiple companies. Providing high quality installations and service to all potential customers requires the following three necessary ingredients:

  • Financial Stability - Support for a regional installation & service company.
  • Partners - with equipment manufacturers who are leaders in their prospective markets.
  • Personnel - committed to training and ongoing customer service.

StateFire DC Specialties LLC is an established company providing comprehensive installation and service expertise in fire alarm, alarm monitoring, kitchen fire suppression systems, special hazards clean agent systems, security, card access, nurse call systems, fire sprinklers, and fire extinguishers. StateFire DC Specialties LLC has grown from a 3-person operation to a regional fire service company servicing customers in Idaho, Utah, Nevada, Arizona, Oregon and Wyoming. StateFire DC Specialties LLC employs more than 150 trained and licensed managers and technicians.